Project Description

Luminous English

Luminous  English is a ideal solution for a child who is struggling in school or just need some extra help with Language to excel. Our program essentially focuses on identifying the elements of English that helps child improve their comprehension and writing systematically. Identification of each element of language is important and strengthens the students ability to work independently.

Our programs focus on following:

Reading & Comprehension: Luminous English program helps your child become active reader. We use variety of genre like story, poems, informational text, documentary, news, etc and variety of subjects like Literature, Science, History, etc, to help children understand and inspire to explore the English language is in totality. Our focus is to help child visualize the text while reading and have capability to express them on paper with simple methodology . During the program, the child becomes capable of expressing and communicating their ideas, thinking and strategies on paper through pictorial or graphical representations. The comprehension question are divided into Find (direct connection to text), Explain (explore beyond what you read – your idea or experience while reading) and Recall (connect with text so stays with you forever). The students are not only able do simple comprehension but become able reader and understand beyond what they are reading.

Writing: Writing and reading go hand on hand in learning a language, and our program helps children to write beyond simple sentences. Our writing topics have special focus on critical skills development and are selected based on their child’s learning levels. Writing topics are also discussed in group to explore the idea of the topic. Special focus is provided on building vocabulary to help improve the usage of words.

Listening:  Listening exercises at Luminous are designed by experts based on child’s ability to explore the topic quickly while listening. These exercise helps children recall the topics and made short notes prior to answer the comprehension questions. The listening exercises at Luminous English also helps kids explore language at fast pace environment and improve their observation skill.

The program overall improve the cognitive skill of the child and helps children taste the joy of learning language.

Benefits of luminous Program

  • Better Problem Solving Ability
  • Improved Analytical Skill
  • Increased Mental Acuity
  • Cognitive Skill Development
  • Higher Confidence

Benefit of luminous Early Learning

  • Academic Head Start
  • Visual Learning
  • Better Organizational Skill
  • Fine Motor Skill Development
  • Social Skill Development

Program Structure

Luminous English is aligned to the Ontario curriculum and caters the need of kids from grade 1 to 9. The program is divided into 5 levels and child is placed into each level based on their ability. We do not place child based on Grades as grades are not the true representation of child’s linguistic ability.  Our program will not only meet the requirement of Ontario curriculum (way beyond normal tutoring) but exceed the learning of your child to help them achieve better grades and become an independent learner.

Schedule: 1 hour sessions per week (4 session per month). Extra session can be recommended based on assessment if child do not meet minimum expectation based on age.

Luminous Early Learning Program (3 to 6 Years)


Luminous Early Learning is design for young kids who need head start in their education. Early learning experience has a greater impact on child’s future learning and help child built stronger learning foundation. We make that experience richer by our innovative learning program. Our early learning program covers all the subject STEM, Language Arts and Social skills.

Program Structure

The luminous Early learning program is designed for age 3 to 6 years.

Schedule: 1 hour sessions per week (4 session per month).

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