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Lumineux French – Think in French

Lumineux  French is a ideal solution for a child who is struggling in school or just need some extra help with Language to excel. Our program essentially focuses on identifying the elements of French that helps child improve their vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking systematically. Identification of each element of french language is important and strengthens the students ability to work independently.

Our programs focus on following:

French Vocabulary: As our logo resembles “Think in French” you can easily understand that a child whose native language is not French and who is not in a French immersion program will struggle with day to day word. If children are not immersed into French Language, will ensure that they just do not touch the tip of iceberg but experience the immersed portion. Our initial levels focus on vocabulary and rules of conjugation that make language learning easy. Simple examples and day to day life connection helps children understand language to its root.

French Expressions & Grammar: French is very different from English in terms rules, grammars and gender. There is few universal rules that makes it more complicated but also fun to learn. Expressions helps kids improve their pronunciation and help them slowly master the skill of  speaking french. Our teachers are bilingual helps kids slowly transition to French speaking and help children cope up with initial hesitation to communicate in french.

Listening-Reading-Writing-Presenting: Luminous French program helps your child become active reader. We follow a cycle of Listening – Reading – Writing – Presenting to helps children develop the language slowly.   During the program, the child becomes capable of expressing and communicating their ideas, thinking and strategies in french on paper.

Language is a great form of human communication and learning a language can lead the way for great experience in life for your child. Canada being bilingual country provide an added benefit in terms of career and social inclusion with 17.9 % of population are able to use both English and French efficiently. French being a second official language of Canada is great part of Canadian culture and heritage with 11.5% population speaks French in Ontario. As bilingualism continues to grow in the world, learning French is an obvious choice being an official language of 28 other counties. French has a Global reach and provide great opportunity for future entrepreneurs and kids looking to take up career across the globe. Also, the recent trend of students opting for French immersion schools (at 7% growth rate) need French focused after school program for effectively language learning. We, at Luminous offer level based quality the French Language Classes that will help your child to gain necessary language skill to succeed.

The french program overall improve the cognitive skill of the child and helps children taste the joy of learning language.

  • Designed by Language Experts
  • Level based program to help kids slowly develop command over language
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Low Student to Teacher Ratio
  • 1 hours of instruction per week and self-assignment to practice over the week
  • Conversation & presentation opportunity with fellow mates

Benefit of French Learning at Luminous

  • Increased Career and Education Opportunity
  • Sharpen the “Bilingual Brain” by improving social and conversational skills
  • Boost child confidence among their french speaking peers
  • Better Grades in French Language
  • Enhanced Travel Experiences across the globe in French Speaking Countries
  • A Gateway to French Culture and heritage
  • French can be a starting point for learning other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian

Program Structure

Luminous French is a level based program designed to caters the need of kids from age 5 to 15 years. The French program is divided into 5 levels and child is placed into each level based on their ability. Currently, their is no well defined curriculum  in Ontario for French Learning. The child is dependent on teacher to learn French. Our program caters this need by managing this gap. Range from French Immersion to IB students to the students who wish learn for fun can be catered through our level based program. The focus of our program is to provide environment that helps to develop french as a language. We do not place child based on Grades as grades are not the true representation of child’s linguistic ability.  Our program will not only meet the requirement of Ontario curriculum (way beyond normal tutoring) but exceed the learning of your child to help them achieve better grades and become an independent learner. The focus of our program in to develop the bilingual brain of the child and experience French in day to day life.

Schedule: 1 hour sessions per week (4 session per month). Extra session can be recommended based on assessment if child do not meet minimum expectation based on age.

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