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Have you ever imagined a 7 year old performing calculation faster than a Calculator? Kids trained in UCMAS MENTAL MATH program can do it easily. Did you feel our program is just about math? Only Numbers? Well, our program is just beyond numbers. Acquiring number skills will surely help your child, but the abacus is a cognition tool. Abacus, an ancient tool is used to help kids perform mathematical calculation at astronomical speed without use of any gadgets! Kids solve math problem, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. based on position the beads on Abacus. Math is only an outcome of the program; benefit is much more than math.

Abacus learning encompasses the three popular learning styles – Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The child is introduced to the abacus and begins the program by operating the abacus beads that represents numbers. An image is created by the beads that helps kids to visualize the number in brain. This operation of the beads by hands promote kinesthetic learning. Once children become comfortable on the abacus, our listening exercises helps them to listen to and do their calculations mentally by visualizing the abacus in mind. This exercise of doing calculations based on listening exercises results in experiencing the Auditory Learning style. Listening exercises are a very integral part of the program and are also included in our National Competition. Using abacus as a tool, develops the key essential cognitive skills of your child that stays with the him/her for life.

Key cognitive skills which are enhanced by program are concentration, observation, visualization, listening skills, memory retention and recall, imagination, focus, multi-tasking, problem solving, time management, perception, etc. Our program is different from other abacus program as it is backed by research and used innovative 6 figure technique.

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UCMAS Difference

UCMAS provides Education with a Difference!

Explore the Science Behind UCMAS Program

Learning is a gift which is endless. At UCMAS, we bring forth a program which is scientifically based. Let’s get into the details of it, the human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres – the left and the right. The left is called the “logical” brain, whereas the right is called the “creative” brain. Anything which is logical or analytical by nature, are things that deal with words, numbers, logic, analysis or things which are verbal are managed by the left brain. On the other hand, anything which is creative by nature, like music, art, pictures, sound and craft is managed by the right brain.

Upon further research, scientists realized that not only are the functions of the 2 brains different, but even the speed of processing or the speed of recollection of the two brains is comparatively very different. It was realized that the right brain, on an average is almost 8 times faster than the left brain. To get a better understanding scientists started researching on the brain functions and selected math, language and reading as a choice of subject to study further.

The first analysis was Math, since every science is connected to it. When scientists started analyzing math, they realized that 90% of the function of math uses the left brain and we maybe use just 10% of the right brain, because math includes numbers, logic, theorems, etc. A child whose brain is in the developing stage, the left brain is well developed because everything that he or she is learning in the school uses the left brain; whereas the right brain is neglected and stimulated only in those children who are trained in subjects like music, arts and language.

The usage of Abacus of as tool was started to help kids explore the right side of their brain and convert the numbers into pictures. Abacus is an ancient Chinese tool that is in existence for about 2500 years. A lot of research went into the use of the complex function of the Abacus to calculate squares, square roots, percentages and decimals.

At the UCMAS program kids are initially trained to the use the physical Abacus for learning basic math skills and later move on to mental calculations to solve math problems where they develop the ability to picture or visualize Abacus in their minds and can perform the calculations much faster by utilizing both parts of the brain. Moreover, the outcome of the program is not limited to improve math skills but also tap the hidden potential and maximize the use of brain power. We promote a culture where learning is fun because we know happy kids will thrive and excel.

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Benefits of the UCMAS Program

The UCMAS Program helps in developing the following mental abilities:


Schedule: 2 hour sessions per week (4 session per month).

There are two streams at UCMAS:

Basic (8 years +) – Total Levels 8

Junior (4 to 7 years) – Total Levels 10

Process of Skill Development at UCMAS

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