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Abacus is the oldest computer. It is a bead based calculator and is considered to be an effective tool for learning mental math skills as well as brain development in early young children. Abacus is a tool to perform mental math arithmetic operations. Our abacus represents complete face value system including decimals.
The right age to start this program is normally 4 to 5 years when the child can recognize and write numbers up to 20.
Numerous studies have shown that majority of the human brain development takes place till the age of 13 years. Constant practicing on an abacus stimulates the growth of brain cells to sharpen the mental formation for a child and enhances the coordination between eyes, ears and hands through multisensory teaching.
It is never too late to get all the benefits associated with this program. The skills learnt through logic stay with them through out with their life.
Besides all the benefits related to brain development, the early start of this program enables the child to understand the concepts of arithmetic calculation early and the child will be prepared for a math level higher than their grade level. This will help in boosting up their confidence.
All children take the same amount of time to learn the initial abacus techniques, the older kids can jump to higher levels much quicker later onwards and can compensate for the late start of this program, while getting the same lifelong benefits of this program.
Our mental math program is a very structured level by level program. There are 8 levels in all and each level takes an estimated 3 months to complete. Lot of parents may observe improvement in math performance after completion of level 2 but it takes at least 2 years for the program to complete and receive all the permanent benefits associated with this program.
Children learn numbers by counting on their fingers and it becomes very challenging to comprehend the numbers beyond the number 10. Abacus helps children overcome this problem by presenting the numbers and their relationships as concrete beads instead of abstract method used for regular mathematics.
  • Speed Writing
  • Jumble Dictation
  • Flash Cards
  • Book Exercise
  • Listening Exercise
The child shows remarkable improvement in all the subjects including mathematics. The concept of thinking in pictures leads to better understanding and enhanced memory, which is the basis for all academic studies. The use of abacus as a manipulative deepens and extend students understanding of mathematical concepts and we have numerous testimonials from parents highlighting their experiences on how the children have acquired a positive attitude towards mathematics and applied their knowledge in other curriculum areas , including science and language.
Abacus is a tool which uses mental math techniques to solve simple to complex arithmetic calculations without using a calculator. Therefore it can be considered as just another math manipulative. Infact, elementary school curriculum also recognizes the importance of use of manipulatives for supporting the effective learning of mathematics by all students and highlights the role of abacus as an example in building a strong conceptual understanding of place values.
Children who find difficulty in following the traditional method used in school to teach math are the ones who benefit the most out of this program if they are committed to this program by being regular in their homework. The concept of converting numbers into pictures helps them understand and perform math skills better, thereby helping them improve their grades in school.
For a child who excels in school math, the mental math program helps them work faster on more complicated math operations with greater accuracy, thereby bringing out the genius within them.
Yes, the children are expected to complete their homework which they get after each class. Regular practice ensures timely completion of each level.
We encourage all of the parents to get involved in our UCMAS programs. PARENTS Are welcome to visit whenever they can and stay as long as they want as long as the class is not getting disturbed. At luminous kids parents are encouraged to give their suggestions continually to make improvements to the facilities and the programs that best benefit the children. If you ever have any questions or comments please feel free to speak with our instructors.
Help us keep your child comfortable and learning by bringing the following items:
  • Indoor Shoes
  • Dress
  • Refreshment
  • Completed Homework Book


Our programs are innovative and are designed to meet the learning requirement of your child. We do not believe in bandage approach to fix learning issues in short term but look into holistic learning experience. Please visit: to explore our programs.

Regular feedback, assessments and progress report card will help you to understand your child’s progress. Our instructors are readily available to discuss any problem or concerns related to your child.

All our teachers are Ontario certified teachers or Subject Major in their field. They also go through a formal training curriculum and are certified to maintain the quality and integrity of the program. However, every teacher brings their own elements to learning and create an individualized plan for your child based on their need. We provide a refresher training to our teachers for their professional development.

No, we do not provide one-on-one tutoring. We believe that every child needs a social group to learn from their peers. Also, we have fun based learning activities where kids perform as a group.
If your child has special need or learning disability, please discuss with our management for an individualized plan for your child.

General FAQ’s

Apart from style of learning that are fun and engaging, we are using comprehensive point system program where kids collect point based on their performance and earn a gift after they reach a specified number of points. Our teacher’s are also trained in strategies to keep kids motivated throughout the program.
All our Instructors are trained, evaluated and certified to ensure the quality and integrity of the program. The Instructors are provided classroom training and are evaluated based on written exam. They are certified and go through shadowing program with an experience teacher prior to taking independent class.
Yes, we provide 10 minutes of parent’s orientation prior to start of first class to explain program technique hep you provide support to child during homework. Regular feedback will be provided for new concept throughout the program and if child need extra help.
Yes, we provide homework for kids that take around 10 -30 minutes each day.
No, we do not have any specific program for special need kids but we have students with learning disabilities that have shown significant improvement in our programs. You need to discuss the need separately with our directors. Each student will be assessed and will be recommended based on their need.
Every child need follow the requirement for particular program. In general all students shall bring indoor shoes and student kit. If student are coming to the center for 2 hours or more, they need to bring a light snack that can be finished in 5 minutes.
No all the materials including books, stationary or educational tools are provided by the center.

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